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Welcome, Regardless of Race Language or Religion

The Brain of ZY@VENTURE

Yvodoublene, 30

A' Level Graduate

Diploma in Early Childhood Education Care, Education & Leadership


The Heart of ZY@VENTURE

10 years Experience in Preschool Teaching

2 years Experience in Preschool Management 

"Every Child is Talented in some way and it's the calling of the Educator to Identify it"

The Venture Story

ZY@VENTURE - is just another SAHM business venture. 


At 18, I called quits with the education rat race and wen in search of my future career. I probably took 3-4 short courses and tried out at least 10 jobs to finally decide to marry Early Childhood Education. And, i never look back.

At 28, now mother of 2 under 3, I too ventured into the unknown of being an entrepreneur and again tried out various different "jobs", only to find that I only have 1 true love - Early Childhood Education. 


  • Bump 2 Birth
    Sales of Baby & Maternity Stuff

Most mums do this, because its basically shopping for stuff we need and selling them. 

  • Moments 2 Memories
    Photo Merchandise & Photography

This, is my hobby. I've made many video montages for occasions, weddings since way back. Photography is subjective, and not everyone can afford to pay for high end photographers. M2M aims to provide an economical option.

  • Passion 2 Popiah
    My Mum's Dream Venture

Read more about it (here)

  • The Alpha Gen
    Early Childhood Education

And, after the 2 ventures above, I still arrived at where I should be and this list will not increase for a long time to come.


First lesson as an entrepreneur:

"You can only put ur heart and soul to where your passion lies."